Renewal Logistics is a high output third party logistics company that specializes in project management for the apparel, footwear, sporting & consumer goods industries.


We quickly, accurately, and cost effectively solve problems that occur within the supply chain that can overwhelm the daily operations of distribution centers.


Our output volumes are 5 times faster than the industry standard, with little to no lead time.



Of the millions of units we've handled for our commercial apparel clients, we've maintained 99.9% inventory accuracy, and our quality is superb.

Case Study:

Saving the Selling Season

A private label apparel retailer that sells products on Amazon and other ecommerce venues recently switched manufacturers in Asia. When they received the first order of goods in containers, they were shocked to discover they had a terrible odor that made the apparel items all unsellable.

The holiday selling season was fast approaching and they needed to get these goods into fulfillment within 2 weeks of receiving the shipment stateside.

The other companies this client spoke with all had a lead time of several weeks before allowing the client to ship their units into their facility, and then gave this client a 3-4 week turn around time on the cleaning.

Renewal Logistics allowed for immediate shipment and cleaned all 22,000 units for mold contamination within just a few days, thoroughly eliminating the odor that was causing the problem.

As a result, the apparel retailer got these goods into stock and didn’t miss out on the selling season at all.

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