Our Process

Tell us about your situation and we will develop a customized approach to your unique problem.

For each project, we dialogue with our clients in order to custom tailor a solution unique to their circumstances.

After reviewing the project details, we will generate a preliminary quote for you. Most quotes are provided same day, and can be formalized within 24-48 hours with a detailed scope of service.

For every project, no matter what the challenge, we adhere to our exacting internal quality standards as well as all specifications provided by each client. Our management process ensures that every project meets your precise expectations. Our 130,000 square feet of production space ensures we have the room to properly address your project.

Our People

Our employees are the legs we stand on, and therefore we invest in our people.

We provide a positive and respectful work environment, focused on educating our employees on best practices.

We want our team to care, and individuals who are secure in their positions make the extra effort for those who look out for them.

Our Environmental Commitment

Renewal Logistics is committed to improving our community and protecting our environment.

  • We provide donation services that allow for unsellable product to be kept out of landfills, and given to someone in need (with client authorization).
  • Our mold remediation processes use natural, biodegradable, plant based sanitizers that are safe for humans and for the environment. This is very important to keep in mind when considering mold remediation services.
  • For all materials we can't reuse, we recycle, including corrugate, plastic hangers, and packaging materials.

    How can we help?

    Tell us about your project.