Footwear Logistics and Fulfillment

Industry Insights From Renewal Logistics: Footwear Logistics and Fulfillment The fashion and apparel industry faces many challenges and undoubtably footwear lines are no exception. Keeping up with trends in an ever changing market is a job in itself. By working with a 3PL, footwear companies can find supply chain relief.  Now brands can take control […]

The Supply Chain Strategy That Has Helped Sylven NYC Create a Top-Notch Customer Experience

Handcrafted in Italy with Plant-based Materials Intentionally designed to standout Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Casey Dworkin, Founder and CEO of Sylven New York. Sylven New York creates sustainable vegan leather shoes, made from innovative plant-based fabrics, like apple leather sourced from organic apple waste and linings created from corn and […]

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