Startup CPG’s New Fulfillment Center Database for Small Businesses

Industry Update From Renewal Logistics: Startup CPG’s New Fulfillment Center Database for Small Businesses New Resource Will Be a game-changer for small busiesses in CPG This Spring, Renewal Logistics was excited to learn that we would be featured in a new database of 3PL and warehousing providers . What’s special about this database in particular […]

How to Negotiate a Commercial Lease

Best Practices From Renewal Logistics: How to Negotiate a Commercial Lease Negotiate so that the Lease puts your needs front and center So you’ve found the perfect site for your warehouse, facility, or other commercial operation. Great! But before you can make it official, you’ve got to sign the lease document. And before you sign […]

How SKNMUSE is filling a gap in Black beauty with its line of luxury bodycare

Beauty for all Inclusive, Elevated Ezinne’s Beginning Recently, I caught up with Ezinne Iroanya, founder of SKNMUSE and greatly enjoyed learning more about how her brand is offering an elevated self-care ritual for the modern Black woman through bodycare. Ezinne shared that she has always wanted to work in the beauty industry. Her first job […]

Individualized IT Solutions That Will Take Your Logistics Strategy To The Next Level

In most distribution centers across the US right now, there’s major anxiety. The locations are packed to max capacity, due to growth in ecommerce sales,  and when you run out of room, systems and processes break down. Additionally, there are issues with worker shortages. Every company right now needs new worker shortage solutions and to […]