Fast Ramp Up Saves Relationship with Top Warehouse Club Retailer

Case Study From Renewal Logistics: Fast Ramp Up Saves Relationship with Top Warehouse Club Retailer A top 5 brand that sells most of the apparel goods in a top 2 major big box wholesaler had 300,000 jeans contaminated with mold. The jeans were selling for $40/pair. The order had to be decontaminated and ready to […]

Sustainable Returns Management

Industry Insights From Renewal Logistics: Sustainable options for return management Did you know that on average 15% of online orders are returned?  That number increases to 26% for apparel. This means that returns are often a pain point for brands, especially in the apparel and footwear industries. Whether they handle their fulfillment in house, or […]

Demystifying Sustainability & Fostering Shopper Experience

In the pursuit of Less Waste How Koko Created a Customer Base in the Height of a Pandemic Sustainable Living for all. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Koko is a sustainable living store with two main goals: create an accessible, enjoyable customer experience, and to foster a culture of “less waste.” I was excited to sit […]

Sustainable Logistics Solutions

Industry Insights From Renewal Logistics: Sustainable Logistics Solutions Sustainability is not only a top priority at Renewal Logistics, but an integral part of our overall approach to business. Since our inception over 17 years ago Renewal Logistics has been a leader in sustainable e-commerce fulfillment solutions.  Protecting and preserving our environment while establishing long term […]

How A Teen-Founded Swim Brand Took On Climate Change & The Supply Chain

Battling the supply chain crisis with Innovative, Inclusive Swimwear Kayla Bell: Diving into sustainability Arrow + Phoenix Swim is not your typical swimwear line and founder Kayla Bell is not your typical swimwear founder. To start, she founded the company at just sixteen years old as a high school student back in 2012. While most […]

Go Green With Returns: Upcycling, Down Cycling, Recycling, & Reselling

The Challenge of Returns Returns are very difficult for most brands to manage. This is mainly because, whether they handle their fulfillment in house, or utilize a third party fulfillment partner, distribution centers are not set up to manage returns well. They’re considered an afterthought and an expense, and when a facility deals in the […]

What Are the Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Packaging Options Available to You?

E-commerce business is booming, and so are sustainability initiatives. In fact, according to Forbes 87% of consumers care about the environmental impact of their purchases. According to Nielsen, as a brand strategy, its more important to consumers that your company is environmentally friendly than whether you are offering a sale or coupon. So, how do […]

Principles for Sustainable Packaging

There are three main principles to follow when building your sustainability approach to e-commerce packaging in order to reduce your carbon emissions:   Avoid as much single use or un-recycled packaging as possible, with a heavy emphasis on reducing the use of plastics. As seen in the chart below, the  CO2 emissions for plastic production […]

Fulfillment Through A Carbon Neutral Lens

We all want to help save the environment, and as a brand deciding its next steps in its supply chain management, sustainability should probably  be a consideration, not just for the benefits to the environment, but also for your bottom line. According to Barrons, 2/3 of consumers want sustainable products. Globally, 8 in 10 consumers […]

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