Avoid Loss with Mold Remediation Services

We all know that in business there are unforeseen complications especially when inventory items travel great distances before ending up with the final consumer.  Picture this: you have been waiting for your new inventory to arrive only to find out your products have arrived with mold or mildew damage. Whether it’s a small portion or […]

Demystifying Sustainability & Fostering Shopper Experience

In the pursuit of Less Waste How Koko Created a Customer Base in the Height of a Pandemic Sustainable Living for all. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Koko is a sustainable living store with two main goals: create an accessible, enjoyable customer experience, and to foster a culture of “less waste.” I was excited to sit […]

Go Green With Returns: Upcycling, Down Cycling, Recycling, & Reselling

The Challenge of Returns Returns are very difficult for most brands to manage. This is mainly because, whether they handle their fulfillment in house, or utilize a third party fulfillment partner, distribution centers are not set up to manage returns well. They’re considered an afterthought and an expense, and when a facility deals in the […]

What Are the Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Packaging Options Available to You?

E-commerce business is booming, and so are sustainability initiatives. In fact, according to Forbes 87% of consumers care about the environmental impact of their purchases. According to Nielsen, as a brand strategy, its more important to consumers that your company is environmentally friendly than whether you are offering a sale or coupon. So, how do […]

Principles for Sustainable Packaging

There are three main principles to follow when building your sustainability approach to e-commerce packaging in order to reduce your carbon emissions: Avoid as much single use or un-recycled packaging as possible, with a heavy emphasis on reducing the use of plastics. As seen in the chart below, the  CO2 emissions for plastic production (PVC)  […]

Fulfillment Through A Carbon Neutral Lens

We all want to help save the environment, and as a brand deciding its next steps in its supply chain management, sustainability should probably  be a consideration, not just for the benefits to the environment, but also for your bottom line. According to Barrons, 2/3 of consumers want sustainable products. Globally, 8 in 10 consumers […]