In most distribution centers across the US right now, there’s major anxiety. The locations are packed to max capacity, due to growth in ecommerce sales,  and when you run out of room, systems and processes break down.

Additionally, there are issues with worker shortages. Every company right now needs new worker shortage solutions and to create more of a talent pipeline.

With this being the case, why don’t more distribution centers reach out to third party logistics operations for help with overflow?

The pricing is similar to what you’d pay in house, so what is the hold up?

They have solutions to workforce challenges, they have extra space.

Reporting and automation is the barrier to entry. Its too hard to manage inventory effectively if it goes outside of a company’s WMS.

How can you keep up with what is inside every package that is shipped to your 500, or 1000 stores, if you don’t have this data in your WMS?

How can you manage your vendors and be sure that all they are shipping you the correct amount of product if its going to a third party and you can’t see it in your WMS?

Building portals for a third party to tap in to your WMS takes time, and comes with a ton of red tape if you are a larger corporation.

At Renewal Logistics, we’ve worked through these solutions and created IT pathways that prevent the need for portals.

We’ve worked for big box brands that had to price out every unit by division, every single day, and account for every single case’s accuracy in terms of order quantity and that packaging was to spec. With a throughput of over 150,000 units a day.

We’ve worked for off price retailers who buy odd lots and receive manual receipts and have to figure out how to allocate small quantities of each lot to each of its hundreds of retail stores, along with tracking that data throughout its lifecycle.

We have built reporting solutions for companies like these to verify quantities by PO and SKU, automated their order allocation process, and basically created an inventory system for them that they relied on for accuracy, with throughput volumes similar to that in their own DCs.

We’ve built solutions for every client that has come to us for help, and taken very manual processes and made them feel automated for our clients.

The success of this process is not about how great our software is, how great our WMS is, or how many out of the box integrations we have. Its about truly listening to your needs, truly understanding what you are trying to accomplish, and knowing how to access resources to build the solutions you need in an efficient and urgent manner.

We are  a third party logistics company that has relationships with  really incredible IT generalists all over the world who are creative, reliable, and inexpensive, who love to work with us because we are always bringing challenging projects to them, and because of the way we focus on our people as true assets.

If you are searching for solutions to common fulfillment problems, common warehousing problems, common employment problems, reach out to us, and lets see if we can help.

Your success is our success. Let’s do this! 

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