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Managing Rapid 3PL Growth and Insights into the 3PL Landscape

 This episode of The New Warehouse Podcast features Courtney Folk, CEO and Co-Founder of Renewal Logistics. We delve into Courtney’s intriguing journey in the logistics industry and the unique challenges and innovations of Renewal Logistics. Courtney brings a wealth of experience and insights into the evolving landscape of third-party logistics (3PL) and offers a fascinating perspective on the industry’s future.

The Adventurous Beginnings of Renewal Logistics

Courtney details the transition from a dry-cleaning business to a significant player in logistics thanks to their successful handling of a challenging project involving 300,000 mold-contaminated jeans. They completed this task two days early, demonstrating impressive scaling capabilities and operational efficiency. This achievement earned them a reputation for excellence in the logistics industry and led to a substantial increase in business volume and a deeper partnership with a major global brand. Renewal Logistics’ growth continued through word-of-mouth, establishing a dedicated facility adjacent to their client’s site.

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