Mold Remediation Services

Mold Free Apparel Made Easy

It can happen to anyone: you open your new shipment, and a musty smell hits you. Depending on the damage your first instinct might be to cancel the client orders associated with these goods, but instead call us.

Renewal Logistics guarantees elimination of contamination from your inventory with a fast turnaround. Our mold remediation services have an output of up to 25,000 units per day, depending on severity and finishing requirements.

At Renewal Logistics, our goal is to remediate the issue as quickly as possible to get your products to first-quality condition, so you can get product on the shelves or directly into the hands of your customers. Our experts help you avoid loss with mold remediation services.

Our completely confidential and discreet treatment methods for mold are designed for corporations looking for environmentally friendly, non toxic, and plant based sanitizers that are safe for children and infants. Whether you are looking for mold decontamination, shipping container remediation, or apparel deodorization, we are here to help.

Contamination Elimination: Our Guarantee

How It Works:

Our team can expertly guide you quickly through this process while maintaining the highest level of discretion for your brand. After treatment, items are factory fresh, ready to be sold as first quality. 

Our inspection team sorts the clothing, assesses the extent of the issue, and develops a plan to treat, clean, and return products to their original state. Throughout the process, we team with you to communicate the level of damage, treatment plans, and turnaround time. 

Our Value Added Services like Restickering or Price Tag Changes are also available to make sure your products are first quality and ready for consumers.