Renewal Logistics logo

As the most recognizable element of our brand, our corporate logo immediately identifies collateral, signs and merchandise as part of Renewal Logistics.

There are two variations of the corporate logo:

  • Primary logo
  • Secondary vertical/stacked logo

The logo can appear in one of three colors:

  • Green and Blue—most effective on light backgrounds; uses the blue from the primary palette. This is our preferred version.
  • Green and White—most effective on darker backgrounds while still using our primary color palette.
  • All White —a simple alternative to the colored logo; also suitable when printing is restricted to single color
Logo variations

Primary Logo Set – Download our logos

The primary logo should be the default version for almost all deliverables, with a few exceptions like social avatars.

Secondary Vertical/Stacked Logo Set (Limited use)

The vertical/stacked logo can only be used for avatars and/or mobile apps.

Website favicon
  • The browser tab and url must clearly state “Renewal Logistics”.
  • Must use the primary colored logo

Example of using the red primary initials as a website favicon.

Social avatar
  • The profile name must clearly state “Renewal Logistics”.
  • Must use the primary stacked logo only.
Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 9.32.38 AM (2)

Example of using the primary stacked logo as an Instagram avatar.

  • Use the green and white or white logo mark for website favicons or social icons.

Co-branding means using the Renewal Logistics logotype together with a trademark, symbol or sign of another company or organization.

When presenting our brand with a partner, customer, or product brand, our corporate brand should always have a dominant or equal visual presence with the co-brand. Set the Renewal Logistics name before or above the co-brand, or scale the Renewal Logistics corporate logo larger or equal in size to the co-brand logo.

The following sections describe how we use our identity in scenarios of co-branding.


Co-branding spacing

Renewal Logistics as the clear sender and co-branding partner/partners logotype part of the visual solution.

  • Preferably, the co-branding partner logotype should be placed on the inside of a leaflet/invitation.
  • Renewal Logistics is always as the clear sender and visually larger than the co-branding partner/partners.
  • Never place Renewal Logistics logotype and co-branding partner logotype too closely next to each other.
  • The co-branding partner logotype should be placed in the bottom right corner.


Renewal Logistics together with co-branding partner/partners as sender on equal level.

  • Renewal Logistics appears as one of two or more senders on equal grounds.Ÿ
  • In this case the white Renewal Logistics logo should be used.
  • All logotypes put next to each other.
  • Must not use any visual parts from Renewal Logistics’s corporate identity.

RL as clear sender with multiple partner logos

Do’s and don’ts


  • make sure the logotype is presented straight
  • maintain clear space when there are texts and other graphic elements around it


  • apply other colors to any part of the logo
  • place the corner fully in a corner
  • crop the logotype off a canvas as you can a brand shape
  • rotate or in any way distort the logotype
Renewal Logistics_logo (1)
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