Subscription Box Fulfillment

After working with many household subscription box companies, Renewal Logistics has mastered the latest trends in the business and can eliminate your shipping headaches.

Custom Packing

Improve your unboxing experience

Customize your customer experience and expand your subscription services. At Renewal Logistics we specialize in the details. While some subscription boxes are standardized and straightforward orders we know that is not always the case. Our team of experts can create a custom solution for your subscription box fulfillment needs.

How It Works


Order Received

With your inventory already on hand our system is ready to receive orders. 


Products Picked

Our staff picks the products for each order using our barcode based management system.


Unboxing Experience Created

With custom options and value added services available you can give your customers the best experience possible. 


Order Shipped

Once the subscription box has been packed and labeled it is shipped to the customer.


Find New Ways To Sell Inventory

Kitting and preparing inventory is not limited to subscription box needs. Work with our team to create inventory management solutions and ways to engage with your lower selling products.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Improve shipping times and order accuracy with kitting. Streamline the order process, with pre-packed kits orders are processed just like if they were a single item. Create unique unboxing experiences based on your products and kits.

Additional Services

Customizable For End To End Supply Chain Management​
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We support projects of all types and sizes. Whether you are looking for a specific solution for your needs today or a long term logistics partner our team can help. 

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