Subscription Box Fulfillment

Subscription boxes are in demand, and Renewal Logistics is helping many successful subscription box companies increase their bottom line by saving them money on their shipping, packaging, and kitting. After working with many household subscription box companies, Renewal Logistics has mastered the latest trends in the business and can eliminate your shipping headaches.

Custom Packing With Your Business In Mind 

Are you aggregating products from outside vendors? Do your goods require bulk packaging to be stripped away? (This is sometimes called Shedding Master Packs, Shedding Master Cartons, or DeShelling.) We’ll remove any unnecessary wrapping or packaging as well as repack if necessary while we kit your boxes. Occasionally we’ll receive products that need to be modified, but don’t worry. A lot of larger subscription box fulfillment companies focus on turnaround and lose the flexibility that a growing eCommerce business needs. But at Renewal Logistics, if it’s removing manufacturer labels or helping you source custom packaging, we’re flexible enough to conform to your needs each and every month with our subscription box inventory management.

Kitting And Assembly

We understand how important the unboxing experience is when a customer receives one of your boxes, so we go the extra mile to ensure that we do our part in upholding a high standard of care when it comes to kitting your box. You’ve done the hard part of curating the box, so we’ll make sure that everything is presented to your liking. Once approved, full assembly will begin in time to meet your ship date. You’ll be able to track everything through your account, but Renewal Logistics’ subscription box fulfillment center will also be communicating every step of the way.


Special Projects

There may be times when you need Renewal Logistics to perform a task like counting inventory, product labeling, repackaging, or to create or receive another add-on that was not part of your initial plan. Our entire fulfillment team is highly trained and readily available to support any of your needs, no matter how complex or simple.

How We Work

Before we bring you on board, we’ll either have a detailed conversation with you or an in-person meeting to learn more about your business. We work with countless subscription model businesses and are always open to sharing the latest best practices that we have found work best for our portfolio of customers. We’ll cover topics related to surplus inventory management, shipping options, integrations, and more. We also offer discount programs on general storage and fulfillment to vendors for whom we’re kitting product. 

Renewal Logistics is located in Georgia, making us a premier partner for FBA prep in Georgia and FBA prep in Atlanta. No matter where you are located nationwide, our strategic location allows for 2 day ground shipping to 70.5% of the US, making Seller Fulfilled Prime a breeze. We can help businesses of all sizes and in all geographies get their Amazon FBA Prep off the ground and to the consumer. Contact us to learn more or submit a form below.