Meet the Strategists Behind Renewal Logistics

Courtney Folk

Cofounder/ CEO, CMO


“The quality of your work is a reflection of who you are, and the secret to quality is Enthusiasm.”

Bryan Folk

Cofounder/ COO, CTO


“People don’t show up each day to work just for a paycheck. They show up for respect.”


We exist to provide opportunities and stability to our employees, bring relief to our customers, and be a strategic weapon for our clients.


Bring Relief

Bring relief to your circle of influence (Peers, Manager, Direct Reports, Customers). What are you doing to make someone else’s day easier? We love it when customers tell us they sleep well at night because of our service and support.

Promote Trust

Relief can’t happen without trust. It’s our decision filter to ensure that whatever choice we make as employees, teammates, leaders, subordinates, we will be promoting trust – to any in our whole circle of influence who will be affected by the decision.

Discretionary Effort

We care about going the extra mile for our jobs, clients, employees and coworkers. We cannot Bring Relief or Promote Trust by doing the bare minimum. Discretionary Effort is the fuel that allows a company to propel forward and achieve greatness.

Be Adaptable

Customers’ problems don’t happen on our schedule. Every day is a new opportunity to try something, learn something, improve something.

Deliver Excellence

Rough draft, first draft, second draft, third draft. They all lead to a great final draft: We welcome feedback and learn from our mistakes! The quality of what you present to the customer should always build confidence, promote trust and bringing relief. There’s no better feeling than winning for a customer.

No Entitlement

We check our egos at the door. We’re not promised anything, even tomorrow. We give to the company, to each other, to our clients, and we do so with an abundance mentality. We believe that if you do the right thing by your clients, the company, and your peers, success will follow.

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