Renewal Logistics minimizes the real cost of delays

Our processing rates for mold contaminated apparel and footwear goods are 5 times faster than anyone else in the industry. We can easily produce 20,000 units per day, as opposed to the industry's average of 4,000 units per day.

For repackaging and relabeling projects, we can produce up to 100,000 units per day depending on job complexity.

With our turn around times, your lost sales due to "goods out of stock" are dramatically decreased.

Case Study:

Avoiding a Tremendous Loss

One wholesaler client recently shared her past experience with mold remediation before we began working together. She had 90,000 pairs of shoes that were contaminated with mold. These shoes comprised a $1,8000,000 purchase order, where the shoes retailed for $20/pair and wholesaled for $10/pair.

She used another mold remediation service provider whose lead time was 3 weeks, and whose turn around time was quoted at 5 weeks. This 8 week delay caused this client to miss half the selling season, which resulted in 40,000 pairs not sold.

For her, this translated to $400,000.00 in lost sales revenues.

Even worse, her retailer client lost $800,000.00 in sales revenues.

Had this client called Renewal Logistics first, these goods would have been turned around to her in 2 weeks, and she would have avoided this devastating loss.

With Renewal Logistics, you have a supplementary workforce that serves as an extension of your own manufacturing and distribution processes

When your manager to worker ratios get out of hand, production costs escalate as efficiency dives.

Quality issues also rise, which may result in expensive chargebacks, and damaged relationships.

By diverting your large projects to Renewal Logistics, we will assist you in meeting your deadlines, and we will help you ensure that your costs stay manageable, and your quality is preserved.

Convert your dead stock into sellable merchandise with Renewal Logistics

Its easy to let returned merchandise and old stock to pile up, but there's a significant expense associated with goods that aren't on the shelves. You've paid for the merchandise, incurred shipping expenses already. Unless you sell these goods, you'll never recover that outlay.

With our Value Added Services and Reverse Logistics Services, we can quickly help you get those goods back on the shelves in sellable condition.

Turn dead stock into multipacks, relabel or repair merchandise, repackage goods for e-commerce and bring returned merchandise back to first quality stock.

With Renewal Logistics, you have a supplementary workforce that serves as an extension of your own manufacturing and distribution processes.

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