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3 Tips To Consider When Choosing A 3PL Partner

3 Tips for Choosing a 3PL Partner

Is your company looking to bring on a new 3PL partner?If so, you should start by establishing clear outsourcing objectives for your brand.

Cost savings should not be your only motive for sourcing a new 3PL partner.

You Should source a 3PL Partner if:

    • You are not interested in building your in-house warehouse team.
    • You need support when it comes to shipping to wholesale accounts like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Macy’s, Kohl’s, or Dillards


You should truly understand what your objectives are when it comes to outsourcing a 3PL Partner.

Seek a 3PL Partner that compliments the size of your brand.

If your brand is starting out, find a 3PL Partner that can genuinely support the level of service you will need.

If you are a small company working with a super large 3PL you may not get the attention you may need.

If you are a mid-market company you’re probably looking for a 3PL Partner that understands wholesale channels and omnichannel fulfillment; as well as all the aspects of shipping deadlines.

If you’re a global brand you are looking for a 3PL Partner that can handle huge volumes and flex on a dime.

Be advised; as your business grows you may need to level up when it comes to working with a 3PL Partner. Changing 3PLs to suit your business’s growth is not uncommon.

Planning and implementation are just the beginning of your relationship with a 3PL.

It’s important to choose a 3PL partner that is results-oriented.

Implementation planning on both sides of the partnership is extremely important. The best 3PL partner is going to be able to walk you through the onboarding process, I.T. requirements, alignment of resources, and timelines.

Its important to craft a specific workflow for your brand’s shipping and receiving needs.

You are going to kiss a lot of frogs. Never just pick one 3PL partner, give yourself options to choose from as you narrow down your selection of qualified 3PL Partners to work with.

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