We all know that in business there are unforeseen complications especially when inventory items travel great distances before ending up with the final consumer. 

Picture this: you have been waiting for your new inventory to arrive only to find out your products have arrived with mold or mildew damage. Whether it’s a small portion or the entire shipment that has been affected, one thing is for sure, this is a problem.

What causes mold or mildew? Many factors can allow for conditions causing mold growth. The factory of origin operates in humid conditions, garments are packaged before they are completely dry, a shipping container could be damaged allowing for water damage, the list goes on and on.

Depending on the damage your first instinct might be to cancel the client orders associated with these goods, but instead call us. Taking a different approach such as mold remediation services can provide a quick solution to keep your products moving in the supply chain. Keep your sellers and customers happy by having your products available and ready to be sold as first quality.

Client Example

One wholesaler client recently shared her past experience with mold remediation before she began working with Renewal Logistics. She had 90,000 pairs of shoes that were contaminated with mold. These shoes comprised a $1,8000,000 purchase order, where the shoes retailed for $20/pair and wholesaled for $10/pair.

She used another mold remediation service provider whose lead time was 3 weeks, and whose turn around time was quoted at 5 weeks. This 8-week delay caused this client to miss half the selling season, which resulted in 40,000 pairs not sold.

For her, this translated to $400,000 in lost sales revenues.

Even worse, her retailer client lost $800,000 in sales revenues.

Had this client called Renewal Logistics first, these goods would have been turned around to her in 2 weeks, and she would have avoided this devastating loss. 

Renewal Logistics is here to help. 

Our team can expertly guide you quickly through this process while maintaining the highest level of discretion for your brand. After treatment, items are factory fresh, ready to be sold as first quality.

Renewal Logistics guarantees elimination of contamination from your inventory with a fast turnaround. Our mold remediation services have an output of up to 25,000 units per day, depending on severity and finishing requirements. 

Our completely confidential and discreet treatment methods for mold are designed for corporations looking for environmentally friendly, non toxic, and plant based sanitizers that are safe for children and infants!

Our inspection team sorts the clothing, assesses the extent of the issue, and develops a plan to treat, clean, and return garments to their original state. Throughout the process, we team with you to communicate the level of damage, treatment plans, and turnaround time.

Want to learn more? We’d love to chat with you. 

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