Case Study From Renewal Logistics:

Enhancing Capacity for Enterprise Retailer Shipping Point of Purchase Displays

A mid market company who corners the market on kids craft products came to Renewal because they had to produce and ship end cap displays for 2800 Walmart stores, for 12 programs a year. They had never completed a whole program on time in full prior to working with Renewal Logistics. Each display held over 500 units of up to 75 SKUs, and each program was over 1,500,000 units.

Renewal Logistics acted as a distribution center for this customer, and in a week’s time built scripts to process their inventory that had arrived, and produce for them forecasts to aid in their demand planning as they had a manual inventory system and could not see how much stock was delivered, and if it was in the right quantities needed to fulfill the program and keep our supply at a level to where we could hit our daily output targets.

The process included receiving and inspecting the inventory to ensure quantities on their PO matched with what was received. Any variances were recorded and communicated back to the client immediately. Renewal Logistics proceeded to assemble the displays, pick, pack units onto the displays, creating mixed SKU displays, inspecting 100% of displays for accuracy, and shrouding and shipping the displays to each of the 2800 Walmart stores.

We processed over 17 millions units in this fashion, with no errors. They sent teams over several times and our accuracy rate was 100%, and every program shipped on time in full.

Renewal Logistics was able to essentially integrate with this merchant and gave them instant results with very little bandwidth requirements on their part. The setup costs for this were very very low and did not require integrations, which was important since this company had very manual inventory management processes. This was a ‘loss leader’ for this client and so we had to be very careful to manage costs.

100% Accuracy

Units per build

SKUs per Display

Total Units Produced

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If you ever want to chat with our existing clients, many of them we have NDAs with, so I can’t share their names on the website or in our newsletter, but I assure you, you’ve purchased product from them,  and if you want to verify our consistency, accuracy, and ability to handle complexity with ease, they’ll be happy to talk to you.

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