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How to Create a High Performing Work Culture

Tips on how to create a high-performance work culture in logistics

“People don’t show up each day to work just for a paycheck. They show up for respect.”
-Bryan Folk Renewal Logistics Co-Founder/ COO/ CTO

What are the key factors to creating a large enough team to manage peak seasons and hit your deadlines?

Renewal Logistics Co-Founder and CEO shares Reel Insight on a couple of key factors for winning in this area of her business.

Attitude is everything. It’s imperative you create a culture that excites your workforce from the top down.

There must be buy-in. You must create a buzz and excitement. It starts with respect.

It’s human nature for people to want to be involved in a larger cause than themselves and they want to be appreciated for their efforts.

In those times when morale is low, we rely on our “Hype Man” to realign with our motivation and purpose. The “Hypeman” leads our team in celebrating the wins and staying aligned with our purpose.

Having a process and clear objectives set in place for our customers. What does winning look like for customers?

Leadership must have a clear vision of what the team has to do right to win for our customers each day. You must have a coaching environment in place.

Every team makes mistakes. What’s important is making sure you are not repeating the same mistakes.

It’s important to create a system that doesn’t give your team too many opportunities to make mistakes. In short, simplify your process so your team can win.

Work/Life balance is very important to us. Adjusting the workday structure and catering to your workforce to accommodate their ability has paid dividends.

Create a workday shift that helps your team be successful in their work life and in their personal life.


How does your team know if they are winning?

If everyone on the team is there to win, they have to know if they are winning or not. Using KPIs to track individual performance throughout the day will create a driving force for a winning team.

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