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How to Implement a Returns Program

Tips For Implementing a Returns Program

Renewal Logistic’s CEO Courtney Folk takes a moment to share some insight on implementing a returns program for apparel companies.

1. Having a clear returns policy that builds trust is first and foremost.

Once your company has defined those parameters, making them highly visible on your website will serve you well.

It’s also important to have clear direction for your customer on how to return your product to you if your customer isn’t happy with the purchase.The easier you make this process for your customer, the more trust you will build for your brand.

2. Choose a returns platform that offers high visibility of the product being returned.

Your returns platform should offer the opportunity to “exchange” the product rather than “return”. This will allow your brand to retain revenue.

3. It’s imperative your 3PL partner can process your returns within 24-48hrs

If your 3PL partner can not provide your brand with this level of service it’s time to source another 3PL partner.

It’s no secret that most apparel brands have high return rates.

Unfortunately, most returns will end up being second quality, with the wrong 3PL. Ensuring your 3PL partner has the ability to refurbish returned items is a game changer to your bottom line.

4. Let’s not forget about the power of presentation, not only should your 3PL partner be able to bring your product back to first quality, but they should also be able to fold the item so that it has a factory fresh presentation.

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