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How To Pick The Right 3PL Partner For Your Brand

What should your 3PL Partner look like?

Understanding how your business is currently positioned in the marketplace and what your 3PL partner needs to look like is a key factor for success.

Aligning with a 3PL partner based on size can be a determining factor in a successful business relationship.

As a small business, you may need custom or individualized outsourced solutions like procurement, sourcing supplies and packaging materials or COO/CFO services

As a mid-size to large business, you may be seeking savings in cost as opposed to customized services.

If you’re a mid-size business, does your 3PL Partner understand how to work with wholesale accounts?

If you’re a global brand can your 3PL provide you with a complete solution?

Does your 3PL Partner have experience opening new facilities on your behalf; providing overflow solutions; dealing with peak swings and sways dealing with thousands of units per day?

Does your 3PL Partner have the labor sourcing nailed down?

If you are a mid-market brand your 3PL Partner should understand how to build an omnichannel solution.

Does your 3PL Partner know how to support a brand that does B2B, B2C and Fulfillment By Amazon sales?

How is Implementation going to be structured?

The implementation structure should not be an afterthought. As a brand, you should have a well-defined vision for implementation. Areas to consider are timelines for IT solutions, EDI or API to streamline the onboarding process. It could mean the difference between a few weeks as opposed to months.

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