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2D barcodes, also known as two-dimensional barcodes, are a type of barcode that can store significantly more information than their 1D counterparts.

Unlike traditional linear barcodes, 2D barcodes use patterns of squares, dots, or other geometric shapes to encode data.

There are several types of 2D barcodes, such as QR codes, Data Matrix codes, and PDF417 codes.

They’ve become increasingly popular in various industries due to their ability to encode large amounts of information.

It’s truly remarkable how these complex patterns can be transformed into meaningful information so quickly and accurately.

Once a 2D barcode is scanned decoding software analyzes the position, orientation and pattern to translate the data into the correct information.

Brands commonly use these codes on hangtags and footwear boxes and slowly products are appearing with 2D barcodes printed directly on themselves.

Puma’s launch into 2D barcodes

In 2019 Puma actively added technology to their products and stores aimed to keep customers engaged. 

Puma worked with Avery Dennison to ensure every product in their stores had a unique QR code. When customers scan the code with their smartphone they learn more about the product and find additional sizes and styles to purchase from Puma’s website. 

RFID Tags contain circuits and communicate information via radio waves. RFID tags embedded in garments enable accurate stock tracking, reducing manual labor, and eliminating human errors. This allows brands to optimize their supply chain, minimize stockouts, and improve overall inventory accuracy.

Learn more about RFID with our Masterclass RFID 101: Benefits And Basics featuring barcode experts from Avery Dennison.

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