Renewal Logistics is your premier e-commerce fulfillment and third party logistics partner.

We specialize in helping brands evolve their supply chain so that they can enjoy the simplicity of a highly streamlined operation. We take the complexity out of communication, provide efficient and consistently precise warehouse processing, and bring it all together via individualized IT solutions.

We believe our clients should enjoy the experience of working with a highly organized fulfillment partner, so that the business of growing their brand is the only thing they have to worry about. 

When it comes to launching a brand, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Where are your customers located?
    • Shipping expense is greatly decreased in some regions vs others
    • From the southeast, you can ship SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) with the largest 2 day ground shipping footprint.
    • We can help you analyze your current shipping strategies and look for improved efficiencies as well as pass on our shipping discounts to you.

  2. Live AND ticketed customer service:
    With your current provider, do you have a live contact onsite to help you if there is an issue or a high priority order? With Renewal, you do!

  3. Efficiency of warehousing partner can make or break your scaling initiatives
    • How well do they use their WMS and live by following best practices and protocols?

    • This is critical for a well run operation. You can have a WMS with all the bells and whistles, but if there is apathy to following best practices, that data goes out the window.

    • For example, how many items are on your list of overnight shipping due to warehouse not keeping clean inventory?

  4. Platform integrations to make it easy for your customer to have a seamless shopping experience. We have many prebuilt integrations, and a team that makes custom integrations easy for you.

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