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Startup CPG’s New Fulfillment Center Database for Small Businesses

New Resource Will Be a game-changer for small busiesses in CPG

This Spring, Renewal Logistics was excited to learn that we would be featured in a new database of 3PL and warehousing providers . What’s special about this database in particular is that it is the first such resource geared toward small and emerging businesses. At Renewal Logistics, we love working with small businesses and we make sure to offer them the same high quality services that we provide to large and medium businesses. 

Since Renewal Logistics operates on a fractional model, our services are well-suited to small and scaling businesses. If you only need storage space for a couple of pallets, we’ve got you covered! And if you need to scale up your storage space fast, we can help with that too.

Now let’s dive deeper into the details of this new database. Read on to find out what exactly it is and why it’s important.

The Basics:

What is a Startup CPG

Startup CPG is a national network of small businesses in the consumer packaged goods industry. They offer events, resources, and networking opportunities for members of the community to participate in and help one another grow.

One of their biggest resources is their 8,000-person-plus Slack channel where community members can ask questions, share tips, and collaborate. 

What's New?

Startup CPG’s New Warehouse & Fulfillment Database

The new database aims to include all warehouse and fulfillment providers that work with small businesses in the CPG space. The database was developed through crowdsourcing efforts by members of the Startup CPG community.

The database features filters for the type of services offered, any particular specialties, warehouse location, and any minimum order volume requirements. With this tool it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for – whether it’s just a short-term storage space or a full-service fulfillment partner.

Anyone can sign up to access this free database on Startup CPG’s website.

The Industry Today:

Importance of Warehousing Resources for Small Businesses

The availability of warehouse space in the United States is at an all-time low. The Covid-19 pandemic saw a huge surge in e-commerce activity, prompting sellers to increase their inventory and the size of their storage space. By the end of last year, more than 96% of warehouse space in the United States was filled and rents had risen 11% from the previous quarter, setting a record. Space is even more limited around coastal ports, where sellers prefer to be located. In some high-demand areas the vacancy rate was as low as 1.6% and rents increased by nearly 19%!

To make things even more difficult for small businesses, big box sellers, who can afford to spend a bit more, are hoarding more warehouse space than they currently need. That way, if their e-commerce orders continue to skyrocket they can avoid running into a space crunch themselves. Some large businesses are even laying claims to warehouse space as soon as new property is purchased for warehousing – before the warehouse is even built!

With demand so high, many warehouse and 3PL providers will choose to offer their limited supply of space to bigger firms. These larger sellers may have existing relationships with the warehouse providers and can generally offer more money. Additionally, warehouse providers may choose to work with one or two large firms because it is easier to manage from a business perspective than working with many smaller companies.

At Renewal Logistics, however, we love working with small businesses. We’re not afraid of managing many partnerships at once or devising custom solutions. We see this is an opportunity to meet more amazing entrepreneurs and stretch our creative thinking. We know that if we can help our small business clients grow, we will grow as a result.


Fractional Warehousing for Small Businesses

Our fractional warehousing model is ideal for small business owners who don’t need to rent an entire warehouse. Choose the exact amount of space that you need and don’t worry about paying for too much. If you do need to scale up quickly, that’s something we can easily manage. Our warehouse teams have plenty of experience reconfiguring our space when clients’ needs change suddenly.

Our Passion:

Renewal Logistics Helps Small Businesses Grow

When you are looking for a warehousing company, it is important to choose one that aligns with your values and has experience working with your type of goods. If you sell perishables, find a warehouse that specializes in storing perishables. If you value speed, find a company that puts lots of thought into efficiency and time-saving processes.

Renewal Logistics is an excellent fit for you if you value transparency and personal treatment. Our warehousing solutions are custom-designed for each client – large or small – and our account managers get to know your product. They spend their time on the floor making sure your product is being handled and shipped correctly. Their priority is providing operational excellence to propel your business forward.

Additionally, our WMS allows you to monitor inventory in real time to offer insight into daily operations. It also has a number of prebuilt integrations that make it easy to connect to your own systems. 

Renewal Logistics is the right warehousing choice for you if you want a true partnership, that takes your specific needs into account and keeps you fully clued in on daily operations. Our priority is your operation’s growth trajectory.


Let's Get Started!

 Are you feeling the space crunch? Having a hard time finding a smaller amount of space in warehouses geared toward big box retailers? We’ve got options for you. Let’s talk about how Renewal Logistics can fill your storage and fulfillment needs!

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