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3 Big Take Aways from 2022

3 big take aways from 2022 and how to apply that knowledge and insight to 2023.

Insecurity is out and stability and momentum are back.

The Great Resignation has settled down, we’ve learned to let go of the Big Regret and career direction seems to be stabilizing and our focus is turning to meaning and momentum. Leadership is looking at what can actually be accomplished.

Talent and culture fit are momentum drivers and will reign supreme in 2023.
In 2023 attitude is everything. It’s no longer enough to be highly skilled. With the recent layoffs, there has been great talent made available to the market, and it will be imperative moving forward as an employee to have the right attitude toward business and your place on the team.

In 2023 Gig Work at the C-suite will see an increase. Gig Work isn’t a new thing thanks to Fiver, Upwork, and Uber. However, corporate-level leadership has seen a major increase in fractionalized CFO, CMO, COO, and CRO. These leaders want to use their knowledge and experience to mentor and provide fractional support to companies that are exciting and where growth opportunity is abundant.

What are your reactions to 2022? And how will you apply your experience to 2023?

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