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Footwear Logistics and Fulfillment

The fashion and apparel industry faces many challenges and undoubtably footwear lines are no exception. Keeping up with trends in an ever changing market is a job in itself. By working with a 3PL, footwear companies can find supply chain relief.  Now brands can take control of more complex business strategies while maximizing their profitability per order.

Common Challenges for Footwear Fulfillment

  • Seasonal Forecasting – Short-term fashion trends, coupled with the shifts in weather, require a responsive footwear fulfillment strategy. Having accurate customer demand forecasting is necessary. Without it excess inventory can pile up quickly. 
  • Large amount of SKU variations –  With a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles, sellers need to be able to support the tracking of thousands of unique SKUs. Real-time inventory visibility helps ensure that SKUs are being deployed where they have the biggest chance of selling. 
  • High return rates – A study by Nosto found that footwear is second only to apparel for frequency of e-commerce returns. In other words, without strategic reverse logistics in place, inventory tracking could be greatly affected.

How 3PLs Solve Help Fulfillment Challenges

  • Inventory Management – 3PLs use WMS (Warehouse Management System) to keep you informed of where your products are at all times. These systems integrate with your online stores as well as brick and mortar storefronts to offer granular data for full transparency. Warehouses utilize multiple scan points for inventory intake and order packing. This offers flexibility and better insights for business owners compared to a traditional batched inventory report.
  • Order Accuracy – Whether your products are being shipped to a retail location or direct to the consumer they need to be properly labeled and packaged. 3PLs that offer services such as kitting can eliminate inaccuracies. With the help of a 3PL you can exceed customer expectations for things like special releases or promotions.
  • Reverse Logistics – With the highest return rates apparel and footwear retailers must reassure customers that any returns will be handled quickly and smoothly. Returns are common in the footwear industry due to sizing discrepancies, 3PLs can streamline the return process. Working with an apparel focused 3PL can ensure that returned products are made factory-fresh again before reentering sellable inventory.

Choosing the right footwear logistics partner is not an easy task but when you find the right 3PL you can expect to significantly scale your business strategically and successfully.

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