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How To Scale Your Apparel Brand Without Growth Pains

Scaling your apparel business can be an exciting period. But that can also mean growing pains. Order volume growth, managing your supply chain, and keeping up with order fulfillment all require additional time, expertise, and resources.

Step one to success is identifying the biggest opportunities to streamline your business. Step two is picking the right 3PL partner. Fulfillment and logistics are easily the highest priced and most time consuming responsibilities for any business. This is where the right 3PL partner can rescue you from the dread of growing pains.

Working with a 3PL offers opportunities to apparel businesses that would normally be reserved for much larger companies. Immediate warehousing and storage solutions can lead to overall cost savings for brands. Shipping rate discounts, faster shipping times, inventory management,
reverse logistics and added value services can help scale your business quickly.

Shipping discounts

Maximize your profitability on a per order basis

  • Volume discounts – 3PLs work directly with multiple shipping companies and due to the large volume of business, shipping rates are discounted. This discount can allow you to pass on savings to your customers. *54% of US shoppers say they have abandoned a purchase online because delivery was too expensive.
  • Dimensional rates – As shipping carriers update policies it can be stressful to determine the best solution for your products. 3PLs not only can negotiate better rates for their dimensional factored shipping but also provide insights to package and ship your products to lower your costs.
  • Pickup times – Pickup times play a role in your logistics planning for same day and overnight shipping as well as order cutoff times. 3PLs relationships and business volume allows them to secure pickup times that are best for your needs.

Reach Customers Faster

Maintain Your Reputation

Consumers want you to meet or exceed their expectations when it comes to order fulfillment. Delays in order processing can lead to bad reviews, canceled orders and ultimately a decline in sales. The right 3PL will prioritize shipping your orders correctly AND on time, every single time. *If a purchase does not arrive within two days of the promised delivery date, 69% of shoppers will likely not shop with that retailer again.

Inventory Management

Real time visibility

Top tier WMS (Warehouse Management System) used by 3PLs keep you informed of where your products are at all times. These systems offer granular data for full transparency using multiple scan points throughout the warehouse. This offers flexibility and better insights for business owners compared to a traditional batched inventory report.

Reverse Logistics

Streamline your return process and increase exchange rates

Product returns and exchanges are part of any retail business. Anticipating this with a consumer friendly solution and transparent returns policy will help obtain and retain customers. *96% of shoppers review return policies before making a purchase.

Save on services your business needs

For apparel companies 3PLs can offer solutions for packaging, tagging, price tag changes, finishing services, cleaning services and more to make sure your products are ready to ship to consumers or a retail outlet. 

The right 3PL has built in partnerships and integrated solutions tailored for your business needs including payment systems, tax services, marketing agencies and the best part is that these companies have been vetted for you.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Renewal Logistics can help! 

If you ever want to chat with our existing clients, many of them we have NDAs with, so I can’t share their names on the website or in our newsletter, but I assure you, you’ve purchased product from them, and if you want to verify our consistency, accuracy, and ability to handle complexity with ease, they’ll be happy to talk to you. Want to learn more? Contact us today.

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